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Temporary suspension of international sales!

Dear potential buyers.

We would like to inform you that all international sales of adapters will be temporarily unavailable until August 30, 2020 due to technical reasons.

From August 31, all international orders will be processed as usual.

We apologize for possible inconveniences.

With respect, UCDS Team!

Attention UCDS project users!

Dear users.
We would like to inform you that support for V1, V2, and V3 adapters will soon be discontinued.
Our project is preparing to move to software version 3.xxxx.xxx, which will require a permanent connection of your PC to the Internet.
This software will support only versions of V4 adapters that are available for purchase now,
as well as a V5 (WIRELESS) adapter, which will be released this year.
All owners of adapters versions V1, V2, and V3 will be offered the most favorable conditions for the transition to the version V4 or in the future to the version V5. We will inform you about the prices in advance.
Software versions 2.xxxx.xxx from now on will no longer receive functional updates, except for critical updates related only to the operation of the software itself.
Software versions 3.xxxx.xxx will soon receive support from brands such as HYUNDAI, KIA, LAND ROVER, and JAGUAR.
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International sales are RESUMED!

Dear potential buyers.
We would like to inform you that from 16\07\2020 we resume international sales.
However, we want to inform you that due to the situation with COVID-19, delivery of mail may be delayed for a long time.
Claims for delivery will NOT be accepted by us within 90 days of dispatch.
If you agree to these terms, we will be happy to sell you our goods.

With respect, UCDS Team.

Attention to new potential customers!

Due to the situation of COVID-19 in the world, we regret to inform you that sales to countries other than Russia have been temporarily suspended. This is due to huge delays in sending international mail, which is associated with the complete abolition of all international flights in our country. Unfortunately, we cannot influence the situation in any way.
Sale of adapters to other countries will resume when the situation with international mail will be normalized.

With respect, UCDS team !


Happy New Year 2020 !

Dear friends.
We sincerely congratulate you on the coming New Year.
We wish you happiness, success in all your endeavors, peace and love.

Also, we would like to inform you that the sales and sending of adapters from 30/12/2019 to 10/01/2020 will be STOPPED.
From 11/01/2020 you can order an adapter as usual.
Sale and provision of tokens, demos and extended licenses will be carried out in normal mode, though it is possible and with slight delays.

Regards UCDS.

New version of software is available for download!


New version of software is available for download!


To attention of potential buyers!

Good afternoon, distinguished guests.
We draw your attention that from 11/07/2019 to 23/07/2019 the purchase and dispatch of adapters will be unavailable, in connection with our summer holidays.
From 24/07/2019, the order and purchase of adapters will occur in normal mode.

Sincerely, UCDS Project Administration.

New version of software is available for download!

Attention! Notification about supported versions of UCDS !


Dear users of UCDS project!

We put you on notice that since 20 February 2017, the old version of UCDS software, earlier than 2.001.008, are no longer supported! This means that we can not provide you with assistance in case of any problems, as well as for you to generate various types of tokens and the full license!

For support, you will need to update the software UCDS software to the latest version!

Thank you!